“New Sound… New Breed.”



Founded in 1979, Chateau has kept pursuing the sophisticated artwork of saxophone for the past 30 years. Chateau has earned positive feedbacks from customers all around the world because it shows respect to its customers and insists on the quality of service.










Our saxophone is produced by one product line in which the process from materials to final products is cautiously controlled. Because of the unique product structure design, the intonation, acoustics, fluency, manipulation and resonance are perfectly matched, like a concerto playing in your hands. Wearing a unique American Jazz appearance, our insistence on saxophone can be seen in each product of Chateau.










In order to meet the requirements from various musicians and music players, Chateau has expanded product lines including woodwind and brass instruments since 2001 in order to become a brand specializing in wind instrument. Though partners of Chateau can be found in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, we listen carefully to users’ feelings via our agencies. We believe that the opinions and feedbacks from users are the key for further growth and breakthrough.










Chateau pursues superior quality and friendly after-care service. Because of the continuous supports from users around the world, we are able to exist till today. We sincerely hope to join you in musical feasts, and create your own styles!











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