Founded in 1979, TENON INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has changed its main business into exporting musical instruments since 1980, and has become a specialized musical instrument manufacturer as well as exporter ever after. For the past 30 years after its establishment, TENON has not only had steady growth in its main business but extended its reach into new industries and international operation. Recently, we focuses on developing high value- added products, and vertically integrating the relevant factories so as to raise the competitiveness of its products by adjusting production structures.


It is important to advance the employees with professional techniques and hold the regular trainings. That’s why we introduced ERP system to each of our department, division, and even branches around the world. So far, the internal administrative processing has been accelerated, and the industrial cost has been decreased. We keeps our promise to be responsible to the society, and it provides a promising future to its shareholders and employees.



l   1985

We specializes in exporting western musical instruments including percussion instruments, guitars, and wind instruments, etc. to overseas clients among the five continents.




l   1994

Began to produce self-made products such as saxophones after investing a wind instrument manufacturer in Taichung, and we have accumulated professional techniques, valuable knowledge and practical experience regarding wind instruments. TENON has earned praises in the market.



l   2012

Invested more manpower to develop materials and components of musical instruments; in the meanwhile, it started to intensively cooperate with both domestic and foreign dealers as well as suppliers to explore potential markets and new products. We will carry on its principles, which are profession, quality, service, and mutual benefit to help the clients and shareholders make bigger profit.







For the past 30 years after the establishment, we earned positive feedbacks by manufacturing various quality musical instruments from the world. The most important factor of this success is the concept of “Honesty is the foundation of industry.”


Based on this principle, TENON is truly honest when facing any inquiry from the clients or for any products. Any questions or disputes will be carefully dealt with until the clients feel satisfied and acceptable. Because of the massive information from the Internet, getting feedbacks from the clients has become more convenient and transparent. It is not likely to conceal or hide information. Since customer is always the first priority, services including repair and maintenance will be guaranteed from the production to the reception of products.







TENON aims at selling Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM) since 2013. Led by the company principle, “Quality creates Brand,” we expects its OBM will be rooted in the market. In order to manufacture more valuable musical instruments and to have better service, we will also try to expand customer groups upon the approval of the original market.


We authorized to import and export goods independently. Different business situations are suitable for different trading manipulation so as to reduce the risk and to capture the latest information in different regions and markets. We insists on holding its principle, “Honesty comes first with superior quality,” to appreciate the continuous supports from the old customers as well as the trust from the new ones.