High polymers with various characteristics are the most commonly used materials in the market from daily necessities to aerospace technology. However, they are less known to the public mainly because manufacturers tend to conceal all components related to product attributes after completing products.


Looking back on the history of flute, processible rubber first appeared in 1851. Badger named it “Ebonite” because of the special hardened processing. Literally, it contained the meaning of Ebony which featured light, hardness, and undeformable. However, polymer mixed with natural and artificial materials couldn’t be well-recognized at that time. Even if it was possessed with better attributes than which of wood and metal, it was still forgotten in the history of the flute.



Since polymer has been applied to various kinds of musical instruments, why not use it in the manufacture of flute? At first, Rudall Carte took rubber as an essential material for manufacturing the flute. The main concept came from its flexible transformation and high plasticity. Polymer is 100% waterproof, and it is endurable for scratch and erosion. These attributes of polymer are best suitable for manufacturing musical instruments. That’s why polymer musical instruments are so fascinating because of its unique sounds and a modern music style combining woods with metal tones. In order to reinforce the ability to resist the weather, we used another kind of polymer material called silica gel which is perfectly waterproof and gas-proof with just a slight adjustment. Undoubtedly, it’s great news to those performers who need to travel a lot.


Things are difficult at the beginning, but GUO is opening a new page for polymer materials to make it used in manufacturing sophisticated musical instruments, and allow them to lead the fashion in the manufacture of flutes. As it turned out, responses to polymers from customers has made it become an indispensable material in manufacturing flutes. By the way, the manufacturing process of TOCCO Flutes is eco-friendly, unlike the ones using woods or metals!





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